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Nutrition With Sammy Brisbane
Nutrition with Sammy, Eat the Rainbow


Fun Engaging and Informative Nutrition Workshops for all ages.

Nutrition with Sammy offers highly entertaining, interactive and fun workshops / school incursions that meet the Australian Curriculum standards for nutrition and health.

 These workshops are currently offered to schools throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas. 

At Nutrition with Sammy, we DO NOT Label foods - We teach kids to become their body's best friend.


Nutrition & Children

Nutrition plays an important role in the overall well-being of our children. It is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and can significantly impact their physical and mental health, ultimately affecting their day to day activities both at home and in school. This workshop aims to entertain, educate and empower children to become their bodies' best friend, to make informed choices with their dietary habits which can lead to self confidence and a better relationship with food.

It's so much more than food...

Sammy takes the kids on a 1.5 hour interactive and fun journey to discover the inner workings of their digestive system. She shows the impact of how we eat, think, feel and move can have on that system and ultimately their overall health, relationships and mood. They will also discover many foods and nutrients that support our bodies with a focus on getting a variety in i.e. Eat the Rainbow while keep a healthy relationship with all food.
Workshops specifically designed for kids by a qualified Nutritionist. They are bursting with humor, interactive engagement, and valuable life lessons, these sessions seamlessly intertwine education with entertainment. Sammy also shares her own challenges during school and with friendships which illuminates the profound influence of nutrition on resilience.  Through relatable metaphors, children not only learn lifelong skills but embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

What's it all about?


Please complete the below form and Sammy will be in contact with you shortly.  Alternatively, you can book in a phone call with Sammy or email to help answer any queries you may have!

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Which locations do you go to for workshops?

Currently offering Workshops to Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and parts of Gold Coast.  A one off travel fee may be added into the the cost depending on the distance and lack of free parking. 

I am concerned the children may not be able to sit for up to 1.5 hours. Will this be a problem? The workshop is designed to get children moving. I have them volunteer, move bodies as a group and we taste foods and get creative.  If you are concerned with any children in particular, please let me know and I can have them assist throughout the workshop.

I am worried the content may not be suitable for my child i.e. promoting a poor relationship with food wherein you label things "good" or "bad".  I encourage my child to eat all foods and am concerned they will get confused or scared to eat?  The workshops are based around teaching your child about their body, healthy habits to promote good digestion such as chewing, slowing down etc and foods that can support their physical and mental wellbeing.  We do not label any foods at all but simply discuss why eating a variety of foods i.e. a rainbow of fruit and vegetables, can be beneficial to our overall health.  During the mindful eating session we also discuss the importance of eating all foods and that they don't just offer us nutrients but can be a way to enjoy time with family and friends.  That food is only one of the ways we can love our body.  This helps to encourage a positive relationship with all foods. 


Do you cater for fussy children? I do not force children to eat but encourage them to use their senses with new foods. Often when other children are trying foods around them it can spark another child's interest.

What if someone has allergies/intolerances?  We ask for allergies prior to the workshops.  There will be no nuts, eggs or fish in the children's workshops. There may also be oats, marshmallows, fermented dairy and a range of fruits and vegetables on offer depending on the workshop booked in.   We offer "Eat the Rainbow" as our main workshops but also the "Rainforest Inside Us"  

Do you run workshops online? We are currently building an online homeschooling educational program.  Stay tuned.

I would like to attend a workshop with my child, how can I do this without hosting an event?  Some of the school holiday workshops I am invited to as a host are open to the public.  I help to advertise these on my social pages and in newsletters.  

I am a school interested in booking in an incursion. Do you have detailed information on this?  Yes, please fill out the enquiry form or email

Do you offer workshops or programs for younger children?  Our holiday programs can cater for kids from 4yo and up.  Unfortunately we no longer offer our 6 week programs to daycare/kindergartens.  If you are after a one off workshop for parents and kids, please contact us to discuss.

I am looking at a workshop for teen kids/highschool and this workshop looks like it would be too young.  The workshops are adjusted depending on the age of the children.  We would go deeper on nutrition and mental wellbeing discussions and in more depth around the digestive system keeping in the layers of fun of course! Feel free to contact Sammy to discuss. 

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