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Nutrition with Sammy, Eat the Rainbow


Energise Your Workforce with Engaging & Entertaining Nutrition Workshops 
Nutrition with Sammy delivers interactive and entertaining workshops tailored for your business of all sizes, from 5 to 100 participants.  Our focus?  Combating the modern epidemic of Overstimulation and Undernourishment by emphasising nutrition and mental wellbeing. 

Did you know 40% of sick days are linked to mental wellbeing

Our workshops are designed to tackle this head on, empowering your staff to prioritise their own health and take practical steps towards wellness.

The result?
A highly motivated team ready to tackle any challenge and...
a fun memorable experience to share by all staff members!  Just take a look at our reviews!

Enhance Work Moral & Mental Wellbeing at Your Work Place

Nutrition plays a vital role in overall health & productivity, directly impacting physical & mental wellbeing. Research shows that 40% of sick days within the work place are attributable to mental health, highlighting the importance of addressing these factors. Sammy aims to educate and empower your team to make more informed choices with dietary habits, leading to improved wellness, productivity & moral in the office.

It's so much more than food...

Sammy goes beyond simply what we eat, delving into external influences and your digestive health. Here you’ll gain invaluable insight into how environment and lifestyle habits impact digestion and our overall health and well-being. You’ll discover lifelong skills to optimise nutrient absorption, and unlock the path to a richer, more vibrant way of living.


Overstimulated & Undernourished

What's it all about?

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Sammy shares her personal journey, unveiling how nutrition and body awareness serve as her guiding lights through mental health challenges in business, motherhood, and life.
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An interactive & fun display through your digestive system. Discover how much our nervous system impacts this vital system and unlock secrets to enhance nutrient absorption for healthier mind and body.
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Indulge in a fun exploration of foods aimed to support digestion, gut health, and the nervous system. Using our taste, touch and smell, rediscover the art of mindful eating, rekindling that connection with the body
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