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Take your kids on a magical journey with Sammy's enchanting Christmas Activity Book!


Aimed at explorers aged 5 to 12 (some guidance may be needed with younger children such as cutting and reading), this festive guide transforms the mysteries of the digestive system into a fun adventure set in Santa's very own digestive "factory".

Sammy's Digestive Adventure Activity Booklet

GST Included
  • This isn't just a book but a ticket to a magical realm where learning meets fun.   Join Sammy on this Christmas adventure and unwrap the secrets of Santa's Digestive Factory!  Meet Santa's "digestive" elves and discover how they turn food into magical gifts for the body.  Unleash creativity with fun activities like recreating Santa's Digestive Factory, a Scavenger hunt and a chewing challenge.  Also learn the magic of mindfulness for a healthy, happy digestive system.



    • A 28 page PDF download with interactive & educational pages.
    • Colourful characters that captivate young minds.
    • Engaging activities that make learning about nutrition a fun experience with family and friends.


    Perfect for:

    • Christmas workshops, school events, or at-home holiday fun.
    • Educators, parents, and anyone who wants to blend festive cheer with nutritional education.
    • A unique and thoughtful gift for the curious little ones in your life.
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