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Fun, Engaging and Informative Nutrition Workshops for all ages

A variety of interactive and engaging workshops designed for children aged 4 and up (and adults too!)
Want to know more or book your workshop in? 
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Which locations do you go to for workshops?

Currently offering Workshops to Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and parts of Gold Coast.  A one off travel fee may be added into the the cost depending on the distance and lack of free parking. 

I am concerned the children may not be able to sit for up to 1.5 hours. Will this be a problem? The workshop is designed to get children moving. I have them volunteer, move bodies as a group and we taste foods and get creative.  If you are concerned with any children in particular, please let me know and I can have them assist throughout the workshop.

Do you cater for fussy children? I do not force children to eat but encourage them to use their senses with new foods. Often when other children are trying foods around them it can spark another child's interest.

I have some children who are younger than 4yo, will they be able to attend?  Children of all ages can attend. While the content does have words and content aimed at primary children and older, the younger ones enjoy watching the experiment, drawing on paper and trying foods.

What if someone has allergies/intolerances?  Please let me know prior to the workshop and I can cater for this. There will be no nuts, eggs or fish in the children's workshops. There may be nuts in the adult workshops.  There may also be oats, fermented dairy and a range of fruits and vegetables on offer depending on the workshop booked in.   

Do you run workshops online? At this stage we do not offer this.  However, we will be recording online workshops in the future for homeschool parents, families and teachers to enrol in and follow at their own pace.  Unfortunately LIVE online attendance at workshops is no longer on offer as many are privately hosted. 

I would like to attend a workshop with my child, how can I do this without hosting an event?  Some of the workshops I host are open to the public with myself as a guest speaker.  I advertise these on my social pages and in newsletters.  

I am a school interested in booking in an incursion. Do you have detailed information on this?  Yes, please check out the incursions section of my website HERE

Nutrition with Sammy Workshop
Nutrition with Sammy Eat a Rainbow Workshop
Nutrition with Sammy, Eat a Rainbow Workshop
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