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Nutrition with Sammy School Incursions

Interactive Educational Nutrition Incursions designed for Kids by a Qualified Nutritionist

Nutrition with Sammy offers school incursions that meet the Australian Curriculum standards for nutrition and health.  These workshops are currently offered to schools throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas. 

At Nutrition with Sammy, we teach kids to become their body's best friend. We show them: -

How Digestion Works  Nutrition with Sammy School Incursions
What Foods the Body Loves  Nutrition with Sammy School Incursions
Why we nourish our bodies Nutrition with Sammy School Incursions

And we do all this while having fun! 

These workshops tick all the boxes - FUN, INTERACTIVE, EDUCATIONAL and AFFORDABLE.


We offer workshops anywhere between 1 - 2 hours based on grade and if any extra areas of interest to be covered.


Recommended for 25 - 50 students, in an indoor hall space or classroom.  Lower numbers allow for more interaction for individual students.   Workshop can be adjusted to accommodate full year levels (up to 100).  This will reduce some of the more interactive activities e.g. group eating experience.

While we do have our standard workshops, we can design one for your school e.g. mental wellness and nutrition.  Please do not hesitate to reach out!

Nutrition with Sammy School Incursions
Nutrition with Sammy School Incursions

Please complete the below form and Sammy will be in contact with you shortly.  Alternatively, you can book in a phone call with Sammy or email to help answer any queries you may have!

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